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Project Briefs
Modernization Brings Keg Line into New Millennium
Upgrading Can and Bottle Lines Optimizes Packaging Operations
Automation of Filtration and Brand Management Maximizes Efficiency and Cost Returns


Breweries operate in a climate that requires consistency and the ability to be highly agile in an ever changing marketplace. They deal with regulations, acquisition of water, fluctuating power costs, sustainability, and environmental issues. They face varying demands and the ability to be responsive to specific consumer trends. These organizations want engineering consultants with a proven reputation in this sector who understand the market and have direct experience in delivering efficient and innovative solutions. These solutions must be cost-effective, relevant, meet corporate return on investment (ROI) thresholds, and most of all can be implemented in a timely manner to respond to and capture market opportunities.

Our services are focused on providing designs and implementation services that lead to the overall success of the client while keeping in mind the need for safety in design, implementation and operation. ESC engineering has a diverse range of experience with these organizations over the past three decades.

ESC offers breweries and related organizations:

  • Established experience in brewing and packaging operations
  • Expertise in delivering proven Control Systems and Automation designs
  • Skilled Software and Systems Integration services targeted for their needs
  • Electric Power System Designs by accomplished engineers
  • Proven Commissioning and Training to implement systems

Applications include:

  • Brewing Process Control
  • SCADA System Design and Implementation
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems Upgrades
  • Business Information and Reporting
  • Packaging Automation and Integration