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Project Briefs
Upgrading Can and Bottle Lines Optimizes Packaging Operations


Industrial and manufacturing organizations vary widely in their needs and stated goals. Some entities may require speed and efficiency from their engineering teams while others are more focused on the overall cost-effectiveness of the services and designs involved. They need engineering consultants who are expertly adept in both cases and everything in between. Concerns may be from flexibility in design to the complexity and ability to operate and maintain systems. In other instances they may rely on engineering consultants to act as supplementary staff when their own workloads simply overwhelm their in-house staff. Project timeframes can vary widely in these applications and can be very short at times to respond to the needs of the marketplace or potential opportunities, which require consultants to be agile and responsive.

ESC engineering has a proven reputation of serving the industrial and manufacturing sector and meeting its unique demands. Project teams as well as service offerings are customized to target the needs and scheduling constraints these organizations face. Design and integration approaches are developed to deliver focused solutions able to be implemented as efficiently as possible while ensuring ease of use for the customer. Our experience has provided us with approaches to obtain a high degree of buy-in and to implement existing customer knowledge.

ESC works with industrial and manufacturing organizations such as:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Bio-Technical and Pharmaceutical
  • Cement
  • Plating and Surface Treatment

Services provided include:

  • Established experience in manufacturing and industrial operations
  • Expertise in delivering proven Control Systems and Automation designs
  • Skilled Software and Systems Integration services targeted for their needs
  • Electric Power System Designs by accomplished engineers
  • Diagnosis of Power Quality issues and resolutions
  • Proven Commissioning and Training to implement systems