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About ESC

Who we are

Actions – Connect, Pledge, Value and Solve - four bold verbs that express what it is to be part of ESC engineering. Their action-oriented nature says something about us, what we believe, and how we act. They serve to energize us as a team and individuals and provide guidance for our business.

For 40 years, ESC has been admired for its focus on relationships and on the people aspect of business. We truly value the people that we work with both as clients and as colleagues. We believe that this approach to business drives us to provide better service and relevant, cost-effective services.

What unifies us? Our Actions and Values.

What we do and how we work is distinctly ESC engineering. It's a way of thinking and working that has grounded our performance for decades. It's a way of talking about our work and ourselves that takes the best from our past and expresses it in our character today.

It's about who we are, what we believe, and how we work. It's how we connect, pledge, value and solve.


con-nect (kə-‘nekt) verb
1. to have or establish a rapport or relationship

Despite the technical nature of our business, ESC engineering has never lost sight of what matters most – people. We find ways to connect with our clients and partners, becoming trusted advisers rather than just a service provider. We view each project not as a “job,” but as part of a long-term relationship that creates successful outcomes again and again. When we commit to you, it’s from today forward, in or out of the office, and wherever our work takes us.

We forge client relationships that outlast contracts.


pledge (‘plej) verb
1. to promise performance by a pledge

Our vision and principles are solid, so you can be confident not only that we’ll be around to complete your project, but that you’ll also find us years from now in the same place we’ve always been – standing behind our work. We pledge our resources to maintain a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, and keep our turnover to a minimum so you’ll always have the kind of continuity of service that gets things done.

We serve clients with stability, history, hard work and a commitment to integrity.


val•ue (‘val-(,)yü) verb
1. to regard highly; esteem

In our employee-owned firm, no single person has a majority ownership in the company. Instead, we passionately promote the idea that everyone matters – and anyone can make a difference for our clients. Our staff takes ownership of their work, demonstrating how much we value your projects and desire to see them succeed. When you work with an owner, you can be assured that you’re our priority, and that your voice will always be heard.

We devote a company owner to support every client project.


solve (‘sälv, sȯlv) verb
1. to work out a correct solution to (a problem)

We are a full-service firm that excels at discovering every project’s unique considerations, and then collaborating with you to ensure that our solutions balance creativity with common sense in application, cost, timeframe and life-long maintainability. We integrate our broad capabilities and deep expertise to meet your needs and solve your issues in a way that arrives at the greatest return for all involved.

We work as a team to master project requirements and deliver optimal solutions for every client.


 We Are a Company to Believe In.

In the end, our success is measured not only by our ability to see the big picture, and have great vision, but by our commitment to sweat the small stuff that makes the difference.


While ESC has always performed with integrity and maintained our values, it is important now more than ever those values are believed and lived, everyday in everything.

More than just a set of words, these values embody the spirit of ESC at its best. They reflect the character and spirit of a company that has the solid foundation to adapt to the changing landscape around us. And they articulate a code of behavior that guides us through changes with integrity.

The words reflected here represent a revitalization of our values. They are a call to action that asks every ESC staff member to recommit to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today. And while some of these words are new in their expression, they are based on an approach of continuity as ESC has grown and performed over the past three decades.

They are our words and our values... in our own voice.


Always With Consistency and Uncompromising Integrity