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Current Job Openings

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Why Choose ESC Engineering, Inc.?

If you are searching for an electrical engineering, planning, controls and automation, or geospatial consulting career opportunity and the chance to shape your own future, we want you at ESC. Our company’s success is fueled by the motivation and drive of the people we hire and the skills and visions they develop. Our clients choose ESC because of our team’s expertise, dedication, and accountability. If you are interested in growing and working on a highly diverse, energetic, and dedicated team, we offer that and much more.

ESC is a dynamic employee-owned firm built around people where we enjoy the opportunity to work on challenging projects with talented team members. Each of us has the ability to direct our own career paths and make our mark on the world. We offer a competitive compensation program and a wide array of other benefits, including company ownership.

72% of our staff have been employed at ESC five years or more

Almost half have been here 10 years or more

30% have worked together more than 20 years

About Us

ESC Engineering conducts our business using the Entrepreneurial Operations System (EOS) to encourage open and honest communication and organizational excellence within our business. We hire people that align with our culture and provide them with the information and freedom to thrive.

We run on EOS

Core Values

Since our founding in 1978, a set of corresponding internal values and external actions drive what we do and who we are:

Ownership Mindset

What it means to us

Vested employees are engaged employees that are motivated by client and company success.

What it means to our clients

We understand that our success depends on our clients’ success. Our team brings an ownership mentality to every project, which results in committed and conscientious service.


What it means to us

We continually adapt to the needs of our clients, the market, and our team in a timely, creative, and resourceful manner.

What it means to our clients

By keeping a close eye on the evolving needs and demands of our clients, industry, and employees, we exceed expectations and deliver relevant solutions.


What it means to us

What we promise, we deliver.

What it means to our clients

When things get tough, we don’t give up; we dig in. By staying focused on the big picture and the smallest detail, we manage expectations to ensure exceptional results.


What it means to us

An unwavering commitment to consistently exceptional results for our projects and our people promotes long-term strength and success.

What it means to our clients

Reliability and proven results are the cornerstones of confidence for those we serve – both inside and outside of our company.


What it means to us

We are a thoughtfully assembled team of practiced professionals that have the drive to continually learn and grow.

What it means to our clients

Experience matters: the most competent people yield the most powerful results.

What We Do


We forge client relationships that outlast contracts.


We serve clients with stability, history, hard work, and a commitment to integrity.


We devote one of our company owners to support every client project.


We work as a team to master project requirements and deliver optimal solutions for each client we serve.