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Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial organizations vary widely in their needs and operational goals. Many require speed and efficiency from engineering teams while others are more focused on overall cost-effectiveness. Engineering consultants must be expertly adept in both cases and everything in between, including flexibility in design and the ability to operate and maintain systems while minimizing, or eliminating, system downtime. In all cases, ensuring safety in operations is a crucial component of project scope and ongoing operations. We may also act as supplementary staff when workloads overwhelm in-house staff.

Project timeframes are often short to respond to marketplace demands and opportunities, requiring the need to be agile and responsive. ESC’s project teams customize service offerings to target the unique demands and scheduling constraints these organizations face. Design and integration approaches deliver focused solutions that can be implemented as efficiently as possible, while maximizing ease of use. Evaluation and implementation of the latest in automation and information technology and the impact on system operations is a key consideration. Our manufacturing and industrial expertise enables us to obtain a high degree of buy-in, while tapping into and integrating existing client knowledge.

Manufacturing and Industrial Expertise:

  • Control Systems and Automation Designs
  • Skilled Software and Systems Integration
  • Electric Power System Designs
  • Diagnosis of Power Quality Issues and Resolutions
  • Commissioning and Training to Implement Systems