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Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and commercial power systems require a keen eye for cost control while meeting the quick pace of scheduling demands where “time is money.” ESC tailors its engineering solutions to fit the needs of these diverse organizations in a very broad market space.

From manufacturing environments, institutional facilities, retail, office, and commercial facilities, to bio-technical, and hotel, casino, and entertainment ventures, engineering needs vary greatly and an off-the-shelf design approach does not work. ESC customizes its project deliverables and quality control methodologies and safeguards to meet, and even exceed, client objectives and expectations, while adhering to applicable safety codes and regulations to ensure a safe and reliable design.

Industrial and Commercial Solutions:

  • Power Distribution
  • Standby/Emergency Power System Design
  • Power Monitoring and Control Systems and Integration
  • Process and Manufacturing Control Systems and Automation
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Arc Flash Studies and Hazard Analysis
  • Specialized Lighting Applications