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System Protection and Relaying

Reliability and safety. These two words are at the heart of what system protection and relaying design are all about to protect system infrastructure and minimize outages. Digital relays provide valuable metering and status and fault data, which allow the utility to better monitor its electric system and determine the cause of a fault in order to correct the problem and restore service.

System protection and relaying also play a part in the manufacturing, industrial, and commercial realms. Whether for the protection of motors, cable, and switchgear or for minimizing arc flash hazards, settings developed for protective devices are critical for the safety and security of people and plant investment. ESC provides skilled capabilities in this area and a consistent, documented approach and quality control methodology which gives our clients peace of mind that protection is in place.

System Protection and Relaying Solutions:

  • Protective Device Coordination Studies
  • Sectionalizing Plans
  • Protection Evaluation and Analysis
  • Relay Settings
  • Event/Fault Analysis
  • Load Shedding/Generation Protection
  • Third-Party Review of Relay Settings

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